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Welcome to 3D2V.com ;

www.3D2V.com aims to be partner for game developers, modelers, 3D prototype sector, news agencies,architects,

visual effect studios, advertisers and creative professionals with professional 3d models and 2d vectoral drawings.

Viewing of 3D models is free by STL viewing before you buy all the products.

Uploading of STL file to views section by product owner is necessary for viewing for STLviewing.

www.3D2V.com offers you upload 3D/2D models, high resolution jpeg models and selling or buying  provide in this platform.

You will reap a profit 60% every sell the products.

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Affiliate Detail

You can %15 gain additional income by using our partnership programme. All you have to do is to share the links identified for you in your website or social media.

After that you can gain profit from the orders based on the commission that has been identified for you.

?tracking=USER NAME is the link identified for you. You can use this link by putting it to the end of any product or category.

Also you can market your own product by identifying your profile in addition to this you can benefit partnership commission from the products you will sell.

Sample links:

For product: https://www.3d2v.com/apple-iphone-11-pro-max-3d-model-1584?tracking=USER NAME

For category: https://www.3d2v.com/3d-model?tracking=USER NAME

For website: https://www.3d2v.com/?tracking=USER NAME

For your profile: https://www.3d2v.com/